The Comfortable World Of Undergarments:

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Undergarments are those clothes, which cover our private parts and are very next to skin. These are normally worn under the regular clothes. The main purpose to wear undergarments is to safeguard outer garments from perspiration and other discharge of body. These undergarments also help to support the shape of various parts of body. In few instances people consider undergarments as nightwear, women's swimwear, or men's undergarments.

These undergarments mainly come in various ways to both men and women. Most widely used women undergarments are bras and panties and for men: boxer briefs, boxer shorts, and briefs. Some of undergarments are exclusively designed for swimming and those are called swimwear. Apart from these there are many unisex undergarments in the form of T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, bikinis, thongs and G-strings.

Some popular brands

Very popular brands all over the world for undergarments are: Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Ginch Gonch, Lord and a few more. Also there are many exclusive and special underwear stores widely popular are La Senza of Canada, Agent Provocateur of UK, Victoria Secrets of USA, Gap of USA are few among many others.


If we look into the history, the available information credits the usage of an undergarments dating back 7000 years from now, in the form of loincloth. This loincloth is nothing but a cloth made of leather. In Greece and Rome, available proofs reveal that men used this loincloth as an undergarment but no proofs were found for females. In the middle ages, this loincloth transformed into trouser like clothing called braies for men. Some of braies were made of shorter length for comfort. 18th century marked the revolution for women's undergarments, as this is the period when women undergarments improved dramatically and were used to increase sex appeal of women. Then emerged the laced corsets for women to reveal shapely bosom beneath their clothes. Prior to this time only a narrow waist was considered as female's best sex appeal. In the early 20th century huge demand for undergarments got this industry booming. The Hanes Company was the first to capitalize this business and flourished very well.

The developments made the existing corset a bit relaxing than earlier. This emerged as bodice for girls and women and became popular as Liberty bodice particularly in UK and Australia. Benjamin Joseph Clark developed men's underwear through his company Bossier. Both men's underwear and women's swimwear took dramatic changes in product manufacturing and quality. Advertisements made these undergarments popular and generated the feeling of necessity in men and women, and this gave huge demand for undergarments manufacturing. The first advertisement published in US for undergarments was with an oil painting in Saturday Evening Post in 1911.

1913 was the year of first invention of bras for women by Mary Phelp Jacob. It was made by tying two handkerchiefs together with a ribbon. This gave a stepping-stone for improvement for female bras .In 1920, whole undergarment industry started to concentrate on comfort than durability. This gave a space for cotton in manufacturing underwear for quality. Pure cotton was introduced in underwear clothing.


1930 is the time, when first new type of men's underwear emerged into market, launched by Coopers Inc., Chicago. Arthur Kneibler designed this brief with dispensed leg section and Y-shaped fly. Later this transformed into present day popular men's underwear Jockey. During 1938, Jockey briefs were introduced in UK under men's underwear category and became very popular. There were many models developed throughout the decade, like boxer shorts, shorts and thongs etc for males.


1950-60 was the period in undergarments about colored prints on underwear. The long used white piece of underwear became old fashioned. This demand gave way to designer men's underwear and women's underwear. Even cartoon characters those days generally wore printed undergarments. Bras took a dramatic change with invention of bullet bras with pointed cups. This made Christian Dior, New Look, Wonder bras and Push Up bras instant success and widely demanded products inbras. Also, this was the period when women's swimwear made its mark and demanded its presence. Many designs and models started to float in the market ofwomen's swimwear.


1970 is the period when underwear was no longer a product for the safety of outer clothes, but evolved to become sex appeal quotient in both men and women. From the 70's to today, men's underwear, women's underwear, bras, women swimwear etc have become a necessary commodity and the brand image is a pretty ruling factor in choosing them. We all are pretty much aware through Victoria's Secret, about latest trends and products of all major companies in undergarments field. The whole industry is booming with billion dollars business worldwide. A report shows alone in 2008; 674 million pounds of undergarment business took place in UK. This is a huge overall increase of 24% in the 2005 sales. These records clearly specify the rise of business in undergarments industry annually. The British retailer Mark& Spencer's sells 40 million pairs of men's underwear in a year.

Different factors

When anyone wants to buy an undergarment, he or she will look for not only quality and durability but also, the brand name. The varieties and designs in bras, men's underwear, and women's swimwear are countless and price range varies according to design and brand. People have become more conscious about their sex appeal and all believe that undergarments are important quotient for sex appeal in men or women. This gave lot of scope for many undergarment companies to flourish and deliver a good product for the public all around world. So next time when you go to buy an undergarment, do not get astonished by the number of brands available for each. Just go for your right pick and look forward to the next design and model of your choice.

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